November 22nd, 2008

Which Buffy character are you most like?

Which Buffy Character Are You Most Like?
Your Result: Buffy Anne Summers

Not only do you have great reflexes, you kick major ass! You have trouble with authority, and your world is full of people that want you gone. You struggle with living each day, because it could possibly be your last. You are loved by those who know you best and protect them no matter what the cost. You are ultimately lonely even though you have/ had a relationship. There is only one person for you in this world and you can't be with them, no matter what the cost. You're a natural leader, and a person others look up to. You are strong emotionally and physically and fight for what you know to be right.

Dawn Summers
Rupert Giles
Willow Rosenberg
Tara Maclay
Cordelia Chase
Alexander 'Xander' Harris
Which Buffy Character Are You Most Like?
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