May 16th, 2008

The sweet life of me

Someone made me notice that I never write anything about my personal life on this LJ. So here's the exception confirming the rule.

On Monday I was coming back to Rome and I met the coolest people I've ever met on a train: Julio and Linda, a Mexican pilot (and drummer) and an American flight attendant, both from L.A. I had a great time chatting with them. And they went totally squee over an old couple - Luigi and Luisa - in their 80s, lol! Julio and Linda wanted to know everything about their over-50-year-long marriage. They were like "OMG! They are so cute! They even have the same name!" When we got off the train we all took a picture together. No kidding.

Not personal enough? Ok, then take a look at this.

He' Salem, my precious, sweet killer pet. His favourite hobby is murdering defenseless little creatures.